Lining up for a lifetime of love

Lining up for a lifetime of love

Waiting to tie the knot on Friday, Jan 4, 2013, a date that has a similar pronunciation to “love you for alifetime”, is tiring for couples at the Haidian District Marriage Registration Office in Beijing.

Let Jan 4 go down in history as the sweetest day of all. In Chinese, the date 2013-1-4 has a similar pronunciation to “love you for a lifetime”, making it one of the most auspicious and romantic days to tie the knot.

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China’s growing appetite for a different luxury goods: illegal drugs

actual china drugs banner.jpg

John Lee, head of Customs Drug Investigation Bureau, speaks in front of packs of cocaine seized in Hong Kong on July 6, 2012. (Bobby Yip/Reuters)

An exponential curve seems to describe most things in modern China — cars, housing, Louis Vuitton handbags, ice cream, iPads. It also describes the growth of drug use and addicts. Only 25 years ago, narcotics and illicit drug use were nearly unheard of.

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