North Korean photo reveals ‘U.S. mainland strike plan’

SEOUL – Kim Jong Un signed off on a plan to ready his forces to target the U.S. mainland and American bases in East Asia following yesterday’s U.S.-led B-2 stealth bomber runs, theKCNA reported after the North Korean military conveyed an “emergency meeting” in the early hours of this morning.



japanese schoolgirls are recreating The Kamehameha attack from ‘Dragon Ball’

Even if you didn’t while away the hours in middle school (or, no shame, college) by watching episode after episode of Dragon Ball while the world happened outside, you probably know what the “Kamehameha” attack looks like, even if you don’t realize it. “Kamehameha” is just another way of saying a big ass ball of energy shoots out of a person’s hands. I’ll give you a moment to practice doing it while no one’s looking…Welcome back.

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Corpse brides and forced abortions…

Nie Lina arrested for being pregnant (Image: All Girls Allowed)

Nie Lina arrested for being pregnant (Image: All Girls Allowed)

In China, women are the runt of society’s litter. You probably already know about the one-child policy that has had families actively sidelining the fairer sex for years—a millennias-old preference for sons in Chinese society means that, if couples can only afford one child given the financial penalties for multiple kids, they tend to go for boys rather than girls. Predictions state that there will be between 30 to 40 million fewer women than men in China by 2020, which sounds like it’ll be a pretty lonely year for many in the People’s Republic.

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Why Asian are not actors getting leading roles in hollywood

Think carefully: When’s the last time you saw a Hollywood flick with an Asian actor in the lede role? Tough one. As Hollywood is struggling with diversity, women and black people are making a few strides, but, as actor Masi Oka — known for Heroes and Hawaii 5-0 — tells The Hollywood Reporter, Asians are getting left behind:

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Chinese propaganda theme park

(via vice)

(via vice)

Splendid China – a place that might have been Mao’s nationalistic vision of Disneyland. The park’s stated mission is to condense “the Chinese history, culture, places of interest, folk arts, and customs” into one easily accessible destination in Shenzhen, about an hour from Hong Kong. And that includes little areas set out for the western provinces.

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