Enrolled in English 102

This spring semester I have enrolled in English 102. The focus of the class will be emploring the intersection of the individual and one’s community.
Employing a different number lenses, including Education, Class/Race, Economics, Food Issues and more, in order to gain insight into how community can best serve individual needs. We will also explore how the individual can step into real citizenship inside community.

Part of the work will be:

  • Writing 4 formal essays, min 5 pages
  • Creation and presentation of a project at Student Voice conference in late April
  • Create an online blog (will be using this current one)
  • Introduction of analysis and critical thinking and it’s application to essay writing
  • Critical and extensive reading and discussion of essays, articles, full length works and other media like video
  • Review grammar and punctuation
  • Study and review of the composing process
  • Lead and participate in class discussion
  • Conferencing with the instructor
  • In-class writing, presentations, field trips, quizzes, projects and final exam
  • Frequent homework assignments – these should be typed if possible

The assignments will be posted on this blog…


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