Porn identification officer in China


A non-governmental Chinese organization called simply “Safety Alliance” is on the lookout for a “Chief Pornography Identification Officer.” According to ChinaSmack, the group describes itself as a “neutral and impartial third-party organization, establishing industry standards for internet safety, improving China’s internet usage environment, protecting netizens’ internet rights and interests.”

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China’s Communist party isn’t really afraid of the internet

china internet

Earlier this week, a Chinese propaganda official said China’s internet-based “new media” were threatening the Communist party. Using one of Mao Zedong’s most famous phrases, Ren Xianliang, vice-minister of propaganda in Shaanxi province, wrote in an editorial (link in Chinese): “Just as political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, the Party’s control of the media is an unassailable basis of the party’s leadership.”

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Chinese developer’s secret battlefields

China’s cities are strewn with hidden rubble fields, vast apocalyptic landscapes that terminate abruptly at the thresholds of bustling neighborhoods. The skeletons of houses show what once existed there. Onlookers say it resembles the aftermath of a bombing raid—and it does, except bombs aren’t this precise. The damage here obeys strict geometries. You can fill a wheelbarrow with what’s left of a house on this side of the road, while a house on that side stands without a scratch.

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China jails man for Cultural Revolution murder

The Cultural Revolution radicalised young Chinese into acts of violence against "elites".

The Cultural Revolution radicalised young Chinese into acts of violence against “elites”.

A court in China has jailed an elderly man for a murder committed during the Cultural Revolution after a trial which sparked fierce debate.

Qiu Riren, who is thought to be in his 80s, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, officials said.

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